Sister Pat has been associated with The Dwelling Place since 1988. Her background as an RN and social worker along with her transcultural experience helps her to guide each woman to wholeness and independent living.

sr-pat-2What brought you to The Dwelling Place?

I am here in response to the Gospel call to be in ministry with the poor and marginalized and to be part of a ministry that fosters women empowering women.

How would you describe The Dwelling Place?

The DP is a safe haven and a loving and caring environment in which women can be themselves, nurture each other, and face the challenges of life with renewed hope.

Describe how you work with the women?

I first establish a trusting, supportive relationship with each woman building on her strengths, being present to each of the women and accepting where they are at on their journey and help them set goals. I assist women to obtain all necessary documentation, network with housing providers, complete paperwork for the city Department of Homeless Services and Office of Mental Health. I also escort women to their appointments giving encouragement and support.

What do you want people to know about The Dwelling Place?

Here at The Dwelling Place God’s grace flows and miracles happen. It exists only through charitable donations and the goodness and generosity of people, rather than through government funds, allowing us to work individually with each woman.

What is a favorite memory you hold of The Dwelling Place?

I have many beloved memories, seeing women over the years become strong again, believing in themselves and continuing the journey of life moving from homelessness to independent living.

What inspires you?

Our women inspire me daily to deepen my own commitment to the gospel call; their resilience and courage in spite of many difficulties.

What do you hope for The Dwelling Place?

My hope is that God will continue to inspire generous and faithful volunteers.

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