Beacon School Students Pledge Support

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On May 27, 2016 students from the Advisory Committee of The Beacon School located at 522 West 44th Street visited The Dwelling Place with their advisor, Ms. Kerry Dowling. These students came in person to present a donation of $400 that they had raised through a bake sale sponsored to benefit the women served by The Dwelling Place. Ms. Dowling described the students’ efforts and their experience during their visit in this way:

The students who visited were all sophomores from The Beacon School, a NYC public High School at 522 West 44th Street. The money was raised as our community service “Day of Action” All 10th grade advisories picked different things to do. My group looked on the internet for shelters in the area and found The Dwelling Place. We voted to dedicate a bake sale to raise funds. All nineteen students participated in baking or donating goods to sell, raising $400 through their efforts.

Sixteen students came to the Dwelling Place that day (two were absent) as well as myself and a Para- professional who took the photos. Sister Nancy and Sister Mary Echo welcomed us and spoke to us about the services offered to homeless women. We also met Lisa, one of the current residents.

It was so wonderful to hear from Sister Nancy and from Lisa about all the work that your organization is doing. It was also very interesting to hear a little about the history of the Dwelling Place and about the neighborhood. I think it was incredibly moving to hear directly from Lisa. It caused a shift for all of us in the way we think about and view homeless women on the street. She was very brave to speak to us from the heart as she did. We were all very moved to hear her story. Several of the students mentioned that they would like to do something similar for your organization again next year. I hope that we can do something again soon.

One of the posters that the students brought with them on their visit read:

Our mission is to collect as much $$ for The Dwelling Place
which is an organization dedicated to providing residence for
homeless women located in Midtown Manhattan

Thank you to these generous young people for their dedication to serving others. Enjoy their visit through these pictures.

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