An Evening with the Women Tribe

On a chilly, Tuesday evening, January 30, 2018 The Dwelling Place hosted a five-hour outreach event featuring the Women Tribe, one of the arising women support groups in the city.

Alexandra Jagiello, one of the founders of The Women Tribe, was in need of support after the break-up of a special relationship in her life. She gathered with some of her young adult friends to find encouragement and companionship. These young women decided to form a more lasting group to offer support to each other and to support other women in need. The support group expanded itself and welcomed women of all ages, becoming a safe haven full of encouragement, support, and motivation. Once a month, the members engage in icebreakers and group activities to learn from each other and other women as well.

The Women Tribe invited Sister Nancy, Sister Joann, and Claudia Quinby, chair of the Board, to a one of their meetings in December to learn about women and homelessness and ways they could be of help. One of the fruits of that visit was this gathering in January.

When the Women Tribe arrived to The Dwelling Place, they prepared dinner using the groceries they raised funds to provide. They made pasta, salad, wedge potatoes and garlic bread in addition to fruit salad and cheesecake topped with a cannoli stick and a strawberry.

Sister Joann and Sister Nancy, women from the support group, and some of the Dwelling Place residents gathered to socialize while eating together around the dining room tables decorated by a colorful bouquet of flowers and a pitcher of water at the center.

After the clean-up, members of the Women Tribe distributed small colored notepads to all the women as part of the first activity of the evening.

At the Dwelling Place, some Women Tribe members posted three blank posters that represented “Women Tribe,” “2017,” and “Goals.” This activity involved sharing one woman who inspired them, things that they were thankful for and their goals for 2018. Once the women shared their experiences and self-reflections, they had the opportunity to write them on the posters. Towards the end of the activity, some of the responses were shared with the group.

There was no time to continue with the second activity. Instead, the time was dedicated to cleaning up, and distributing goodie bags that contained homemade caramels and the Women’s Tribe contact information. Some attendees even took photos with each other and socialized before departing.

This, however is not the last outreach event the Women Tribe will organize. One of their goals is to continue to collaborate with The Dwelling Place and other organizations serving women to offer similar activities with the attendees.