The Dwelling Place Spring/Summer 2018 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Meet Mr. Cheerios!

Bill Ciecierski was employed by Port Authority and worked to maintain the Lincoln Tunnel. One evening in 1978 while watching the local news, he saw a story about The Dwelling Place. It didn’t seem meaningful to him until one scene showed the location of our building right by his work site. That changed everything for him.

Soon after, he knocked on the door and asked the sisters what they needed. “Everything!” They told him. From that day on, Bill, known as Mr. Cheerios to staff and residents, purchases food items and toiletries for The Dwelling Place while he does his own grocery shopping. His neighbors join him in this project by giving him coupons they have saved. He collects the nonperishable food items in his garage until he has a generous supply.

While Bill was working, he delivered his treasures 4 – 5 times a year in the Orange Port Authority truck. After retiring, he came early on Saturday mornings from his home in Teaneck, NJ. He carried in his bags of groceries and then joined the women for pancakes. They loved sharing stories over breakfast. Now that it is harder for Bill to drive, Sister Nancy drives to Bill’s home to pick up his donations, coming back with bags of needed supplies. Thank you, Mr. Cheerios, for 40+ years of caring and generosity.

Bill’s story mirrors the generosity and creativity of each of you who surround our women with care. They are awed that so many people want to help them. It lifts their spirits and gives them courage for their journey. Thank you!

Sister Joann Sambs, CSA

We extend sincere gratitude to all who have contributed to our 2018 Annual Appeal raising over $19,500 as of April 30, 2018. Donations are welcome throughout the coming months. Your gifts support the women who come to us and the rising cost of the services we provide.

Sharon Baudry
Jim & Marianne Devitt
Barbara & Michael Gerrard
James & Catherine Ginty
Mary Ellen Golden
Evelyn Herzog
Mrs. Russ Kennedy
Joanne Kent
Hildingur Mahanti & Jessie Han
Kay Perring
Michael J. Ryan
Marilyn Sawicki
Ann Marie Sundra

We also want to express gratitude for the 100 donations that came from those who chose to remain anonymous or did not indicate a choice for how to be acknowledged.

Sister Patricia Ginty by Judy & David Lenihan
Barbara Holloway by Marilyn Benta
Jeanne Murphy by William and Ann Murphy

Marie Willson Andrews by Elaine Andrews
Ada Asprea by Frank Asprea
Rose Ballinger by Susan Ballinger
Michael A. Barrasso by Christine Barrasso
Eleanor & Louis Brandes by Barbara Brandes
Rev. Peter Colapietro by Benjamin Chisholm
Kathy Curialle by Angela Spadavecchia
Missy Cusik by Kathleen Trent
Rose Dannenfelser by Robert Dewey
Rose Dannenfelser by Anonymous Friend
Patricia M. Finn by Francis & Arlene Flynn
William & Mary Kitt by James Curtin
Muriel Moore by Ellen McCarthy
Alice Nelson Ragone by Eileen Ragone
Christina & Michael Reynolds by Christina Reynolds Hastings
Sister Margaret Boyle by Patricia Kohler
Sister Margaret Boyle by Patricia Bellucci
Sister Jackie and Sister Margaret by Jeanne Murphy
Thomas Stalters by Carolyn Stalters
Elizabeth Sweeney by Ann B. McCarthy
Teresa Whitty by John & Virginia Whitty

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