Dear friend,

The last few years have presented us with unprecedented, and in many cases, life, and career challenges. We not only survived but we thrived. We safely reopened and have had our first “graduating” class. Each of our initial residents has moved into their own apartments in supportive housing/affordable housing. Today, thanks to the support from each of you, I am happy to report that we are housing our next future graduates and we are at full capacity.

One of the first activities we restarted before we reopened was the “Wednesday Night Community Dinner”- which was an over 40-year tradition. It was apparent, soon after starting, that Covid had ravaged through our midtown community, leaving people unemployed and hungry.

A dinner was not going to be enough.

Thanks to partners such as Holy Cross, St Francis Bread Line and Catholic Charities, we were soon able to provide a full-shelf stable pantry bag for people. We were also able to include masks, hand sanitizer, hygiene, and other desperately needed items. Through your graciousness, we were able to provide, hats, scarves, and warm clothing.

About 1⁄2 of our current class of women have been approved for and are looking forward to supportive housing. Everyone else, who is ready, is eligible for different types of subsidies. We have several workforce development partners and everyone at The Dwelling Place presently is fully engaged with either a training or employment.

With gratitude and confidence, Tricia states, “The Dwelling Place has made a lasting impact on my life. Amidst my struggle with homelessness, I was given a safe home, time, and support to rediscover my talents and abilities. I was, and still am, encouraged to pursue my dreams and goals and to continue to reach for the highest goal.”

Most of our residents became homeless after years of struggling with either domestic violence or assault. Our close relationships with Safe Horizon, the SAVVI Program, various DA’s, and Police Precincts, has allowed us to quickly enroll women for specialized services so that they can begin the long journey toward healing.

When we ask what is most beneficial for each resident, they each say something similar to, “What helped me the most was the fact that I was not alone. I received guidance, food, shelter, and help with addressing problems that have gone on for years. I didn’t have to battle homelessness alone.” The staff all understood my trauma and I felt safe from the beginning. Residents are participating in yoga, art therapy, groups, and gardening.

A Gift of $100

Provides fresh fruit and healthy snacks for one week.

A Gift of $250

Provides household and disinfecting supplies for one month.

A Gift of $300

Provides dinner for the women for one week.

A Gift of $500

Provides support for our food program needs for one month.

A Gift of $1000

Assists in purchasing new clothing for women who come here with no clothes.

A Gift of $1500

Assists us with much-needed building improvements.

A Gift of $2000

Allows us to purchase health and personal beauty needs for 6 months.

A Gift of $2500

Allows us to provide metro cards for 6 months.

A Gift of $2500

Allows us to provide metro cards for 6 months.

A Gift of $10,000

Allos us to purchase computers for each woman and assist with basic furniture when they leave.

Thank you for considering this important and urgent appeal. You can make your gift by mail or give it online on our website. Please be our ambassadors and share this letter with your family, friends, and co-workers. Let us each be a friend at the side of the women of The Dwelling Place. Together, we can transform lives.

With sincere appreciation,
Deborah Pollock

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