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For Women Seeking Shelter:
We look forward to meeting you and assessing your unique situation. We are on a brief hiatus and look forward to opening soon. We are taking all available measures to protect your safety and that of the staff from Covid19.

You must be over the age of 24 to be considered. As a first step in the intake process, please call 212-564-7887 to speak to a staff person. If we believe we can be of help, and we have an available bed, staff will work with you to assess your needs and arrange for a face-to-face interview .

Please note that shelter inquiries must be made by phone, not by coming to the door or by email. Email requests will not be answered.

We look forward to welcoming back volunteers safely and are more than happy to explain our rules during the time of Covid19.

Some of our needs include help with our Wednesday Night Dinners for the community; preparation of bags of food, also to be distributed on Wednesday nights; yoga or pilates instruction; art workshops – the list is endless. Please contact Deborah Pollack at 212-564-7887 for more information.

The Dwelling Place of NY
409 W. 40th Street
New York, NY 10018

Phone: 212-564-7887
Fax: 585-495-2498

Deborah Pollack, Administrator (

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