The Dwelling Place Leadership

Administrator: Deborah Pollock,

Co-Chairs Fallon & Ava are sisters and co-founders of the brand Fallon & Ava -The Destination for the perfect turtleneck. “We design the classic turtleneck for every woman. We are the only brand that specializes in turtlenecks with the intent to be a timeless, must-have staple that can look equally elegant in a business meeting, on a date, or even at a black-tie event. To us a turtleneck represents style, poise, and authority. Together we have created the destination for the perfect turtleneck”.

When you wear a Fallon & Ava turtleneck you join a community of iconic women who support and uplift one another. We are all sisters. Welcome to the family.

We aim to instill confidence in women through style and philanthropy through our partnership with The Dwelling Place of New York.

Associate Board Member, Paige Sullivan is Copia’s Senior Director of Client Success at Copia. Copia’s technology enables kitchens to reduce their food waste while also safely donating their surplus and unsold food.  At Copia, Paige leads a team working to ensure client success from onboarding to growth and expansion —for both businesses and nonprofit recipients. Prior to Copia, Paige worked in advertising and technology, managing relationships across Fortune 100 companies at Publicis Groupe and Bustle Digital Group. Paige currently resides in New York City.

Associate Board Member, Kirsten Joyner is Copia’s Client Success Manager. “My name is Kristen and I’m a Client Success Manager at Copia.  Copia is a food recovery technology that is working on solving three major issues – food waste, hunger, and climate change. My background is in the food service industry, where I saw firsthand the horrifying amounts of perfectly edible, never previously served food that gets thrown in the trash every day. It was a natural transition for me to move to Copia, where I now help nonprofits around the country access and utilize food from restaurants and other food-generating businesses that would otherwise be going to the landfill to produce harmful greenhouse emissions.  I believe that having access to quality and nutritious food is a fundamental component of both health and happiness, and I’m proud to play a role in ensuring that our neighbors are fed. Outside of Copia, I am an avid traveler, and it will come as no surprise that I also love cooking and exploring new foods as well”.

Katharine Heaton- Bio and photo to follow.


 An extremely talented Broadway performer, Katharine met us soon after her sister had tragically passed away. While starting a foundation in Maureen’s honor, she met the ladies here and provided everyone with an individual gift. People who attended our online fundraiser in 2021 may remember her beautiful voice.

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