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Current Volunteer Needs

Our Grab and Go Pantry Bag and a To Go Dinner Plate distribution shifts take place on Wednesdays

Volunteers will help pack and distribute grocery bags with fresh produce and shelf-stable goods for community members. We rely on volunteers to help us serve hundreds of community members each month!

Sufficient proof of COVID-19 Vaccination required.


Tasks during the shift may include: 

  • Packing fresh produce and shelf-stable grocery bags in preparation for distribution to community members. 
  • Engaging with community members while distributing pre-packed bags of groceries.
  • Assisting with serving the to-go dinner plates 
  • Assisting with pantry clean-up at end of shift.  
  • Assisting with other pantry tasks, like sorting donations, as needed.

Age Requirements: 

  • Volunteers must be at least 18 years old to participate.  
  • Please note that our capacity to accommodate youth volunteers is subject to availability. Email Maria at maria@thedwellingplaceofny.org for availability. 


  • 10:30 am-11:30 pm 
  • 2:30pm- 4:30 pm

Other Opportunities:

Movement and Exercise!  Are you an experienced Yoga, Pilates, Zumba or a low impact aerobics instructor? Perhaps you’re a licensed personal trainer and are familiar with basic workout routines. Please bring your athletic skills to our residents and get them into movement! Some of our residents would truly benefit from your expertise and guidance.  

Vocational Training Workshops and Guest Speakers: Topics could include the challenges in keeping a job, what employers look for in individuals they hire, how to resolve work conflicts, how to deal with a difficult boss, and more. Volunteer and be an inspiration to our job seekers!

  • Art workshops
  • Budget Management workshops 
  • Resident Outings – Socialization & Recreation
  • Special Events 
  • Book Club
  • Budgeting

Gardening: Our back yard can use your gardening expertise to beautify the area through planting, weeding and generally helping us keep the space neat and clean for our residents.

The list doesn’t end here! We are anxious to hear any additional skills or interests that you’d like to bring to our residents. are not listed above.

Please contact Deborah Pollack or Maria Vergara at 212-564-7887 for more information or use the Contact Form.

Associate Board

The Dwelling Place’s Associate Board is an action-oriented group charged with supporting our women and programs through philanthropic activities and by raising the program’s public profile. Our aim is to build a strong and structured Council with clear and attainable goals that will set us up for success to support The Dwelling Place’s primary needs. 

As such, our main goals for the Associate Board will be to:
  1. Goal: Promote and attend Dwelling Place events events to help power our fundraising efforts What this means for the Associate Board: We have a great communications team creating content you can share and distribute to your networks to help drive attendance and in turn, help fundraise. We are targeting $1,000 raised per Associate Board member annually. 
  2. Goal: Volunteer regularly What this means for the Associate Board: The Dwelling Place provides ample volunteering opportunities. We encourage Associate Board members to take advantage of them as they are a great way to give back to and have an impact on our women.  We are targeting 15 hours per Associate Board member annually. 
  3. Goal: Raise awareness for the Dwelling Place and its mission What this means for the Associate Board: Talk about the Dwelling Place  with your friends, colleagues, and family to raise awareness and get others involved in the form of corporate partners, individual donors, and more Associate Board members. With a larger Associate Board network we can increase our reach and impact to help drive the mission of the Dwelling Place forward  forward. 
To Join the Associate Board :
The Dwelling Place Associate Board is a fun group of passionate and philanthropic young professionals (ages 21-40) in New York We’re always looking for more members! You can request to join by reaching out directly Maria Vergara at maria@thedwellingplaceofny.org. Our members have gone on to join the Boards of Directors for many non profits in NYC.
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