My life was plagued with mental illness. I arrived on The Dwelling Place’s doorstep as a 37-year-old woman with nothing. A man who had tried to help me by giving me small jobs at his business referred me to the Sisters. This good man was the first true stepping-stone on my journey.

The Dwelling Place would be the next major stepping stone for me. At first, adjustment to the rules, regulations and curfews were not easy for me, but eventually they became the very stepping-stones to a stable life. For two long years I lived at The Dwelling Place and participated in all the activities. This was truly a source of a new life for me.

Another important thing that helped me was art. I’ve used it as my greatest therapy. Now my art is the centerpiece of my life. I’ve sold several pieces and I am a full-time art student.

Today I live in a studio apartment near The Dwelling Place and visit frequently. I go excitedly to report the successes of my life. For me, going to The Dwelling Place is like returning home to family. Step-by-step I’ve journeyed from death to new life.

I thank God there is a Dwelling Place for struggling women in the city with nowhere to go, and I thank the generous people who continue to make it possible.

*The names and photos of all of the women in these stories have been changed to protect their privacy.

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