The circumstances that lead a woman to seek a homeless shelter are tragic and heartbreaking. Maria’s story began in November of 2017. In her own words she describes the devastating loss that led her to our door:

My boyfriend was on his way home from the supermarket. He went into cardiac arrest and collapsed on the sidewalk. Just minutes before he had called to tell me that he would be home in five minutes. Within the hour, he was pronounced dead at the hospital. Four compassionate police officers came to my door to break the news that my love had passed away. Everything in my world stood still.

Maria had been with Joe for 13 years. They were an anchor of support for each other as they rose above the physical and mental health issues that impacted their lives. Now being alone, Maria could no longer afford the apartment they shared. Having no place to go, she googled women’s shelters and found The Dwelling Place.

Maria’s words of gratitude that she offers to you at the top of this letter express the comfort and courage she finds as she adjusts to life after this sudden loss. The care, daily structure, and guidance she is receiving is slowly giving her a renewed sense of purpose. She knows the journey ahead will not be easy. “Here at The Dwelling Place, it is possible for me to envision my life without him. And while I will never forget losing him, I will get through and I will be okay.”

Such a courageous outlook for one whose world was shattered!

Can you help ensure that the services offered at The Dwelling Place will be available for many other women? Women who, like Maria, come with their own life shattering experiences seeking a brighter future for themselves.

Your gift will help us as we face our urgent need to offset the daily expenses of the services we provide. Our future is becoming more challenging with the growing number of homeless and rising costs of sheltering and staffing. It now takes $30,000 – $35,000/month to care for our 14 women residents and the elderly and homeless women who come each Wednesday night for Open Dinner.

Yes, YOU are leading women from homeless to home. We, who serve as staff, are the stewards of your generosity and care. Sensing the hope in Maria’s words as she describes her experience of The Dwelling Place, you can be certain that your gift is being well used and makes a difference.

In the name of all the women of The Dwelling Place, we ask for your continued partnership in this work of love and empowerment.

You can make your gift using this response form or you can donate online. Feel free to share this letter with your family, friends, and co-workers who may wish to join us in this mission of love. Please help us spread the word!

All gifts will be acknowledged in our newsletter being prepared for late spring 2018.

Like Maria, the Dwelling Place staff, board members and I, carry on with hope and courage knowing you are with us on the journey. Be assured of our prayerful support for you and your loved ones.

With warm regards,

Sister Joann Sambs, CSA

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