We’re excited to launch our Cool Summer Nights campaign to help improve The Dwelling Place’s facilities with a new air conditioning system in our home (See details below.)

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The total cost for this project is $12,200. Donations of $7,685 have already been received. The installation company has given The Dwelling Place a generous discount. Our goal is to raise the additional funds by June 30, which will enable us to purchase and install wall-mounted air-conditioning units in each of our three dorms and inside of the case managers’ office.

How? We are asking our supporters to consider GIVING and/or RAISING $100 towards this campaign. If just 72 people can help, we can meet our goal by the end of June and ensure a much more comfortable, restful home for our residents.

To GIVE: Donations can be made online or by mail (The Dwelling Place, 409 West 40th Street, New York, NY 10018). Please indicate that the donation is for Cool Summer Nights.

To RAISE: Creating a campaign on Facebook is simple:

  • Visit this link and build your Cool Summer Nights campaign with an end date of June 30. Please link to this page to share details about the project.
  • Once you’ve started your campaign, we’ll be able to see it on The Dwelling Place’s page! However, please also e-mail Sister Joann Sambs, Administrator, so that she knows you are on board.

All donors giving or raising $100 or more will be recognized on a special campaign plaque to hang within The Dwelling Place. Any and all donations are very appreciated and will help meet our goal.

With your support, we can make sure our strong-willed and resilient residents have the comfort they need – day and night!

Thank you for considering a gift towards this project. If you have questions feel free to contact Sister Joann Sambs by email or by calling 212-564-7887..

Any donations to this campaign that exceed our goal will be used towards our Utilities Fund. The campaign end date is June 30, 2019. Please check this page and our Facebook page for updates on our progress towards our goal.

Details on How Your Contribution Will Help

Currently the dorms for the 14 women residents have ceiling fans and no air-conditioning. As a 5-story walk-up, the heat of the summer is increasingly stifling for the residents and the employees.

This split system of air-conditioning would cool the air evenly and gently much like central air-conditioning. Although window units would be a less costly option, it would be less desirable in a dorm setting, blowing cold air on the woman whose bed is closest to the window and less for those farther away.

The system could be set at an even temperature comfortable for all. The units would be turned off during the day while the residents are out and turned on for the evening and night hours as needed. The housekeeper could turn on the units while working in a dorm. Being a very energy efficient system will save on electricity costs.

A wall unit would also be placed in the case managers’ office on 2nd floor. This will enhance their ability to serve the women. On hot summer days they will be able to keep the window closed and block out the heavy traffic noise especially while trying to speak to a client on the phone or during an individual counseling session.

The Dwelling Place of NY is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and our tax ID is 13-3135424.

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